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Voter Registration

How to Register to Vote or Update Your Voter Registration


Register or Update Registration Online



Download Forms (to be printed and mailed)



Voter Registration Application forms may also be obtained as follows:


Any DMV Office

Tazewell County Public Library

Any General Registrar's Office (doesn't have to be Tazewell County)

By mail from the General Registrar - Call (276)385-1305


Applications may be submitted by


  • Mail - General Registrar, 2848 Riverside Dr, North Tazewell VA  24630

  • In-Person - 2848 Riverside Dr, North Tazewell VA  24630


Virginia Voter Registration Applications must be completed in full, signed, and submitted to the local office of the General Registrar.


Once submitted, you will receive a reply - either a voter registration card or a denial.  (Denials are often the results of not completing the application in full).  If you do not receive a response within two (2) weeks, contact the Registrar's Office.  Be sure to answer every question and sign.


The final day to register to vote in any general or primary election is on the 22nd day prior to the election.  Persons not registered to vote by the deadline will not be eligible to vote in that election.

Brian Earls,

Director of Elections/

General Registrar


Email Me


Alicia Kitts

Chief Deputy Registrar

Mailing & Physical Address

2848 Riverside Dr

North Tazewell VA  24630

(Two Buildings past KFC/Pizza Hut from Rt 460 - Same buiilding as extension office)






Office Hours

Mon-Fri 8am til 4:00 pm

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